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Research Areas

The Indigenous/Science Research Cluster is broken down into three inter-connected sub-groups:

1. Partnership Group

This group involves researchers involved in developing partnerships with First Nations communities. 

Researchers: Andrew Martindale, Daisy Rosenblum, Jessica Metcalfe, Mark Turin, Alison Wylie, Rhy McMillan, Charles Menzies, Iain McKechnie, Colin Grier, Edward Grant, Michael Blake, Denis St. Claire, Aviva Finkelstein, Susan Rowley, Deidre Cullon, Léa Brunswic

Contact Person: Jessica Metcalfe

2. Materials Analysis Group

This group involves researchers with laboratory facilities and skills that produce quantitative data for the project.

Researchers: Dominique Weis, Rhy McMillan, Marg Amini, Jessica Metcalfe, Andrew Martindale, Edward Grant, Iain McKechnie, Eric Guiry, Colin Grier, Camilla Speller, Philippe Claeys, Timothy Allan, Léa Brunswic, Denis St. Claire

Contact Person: Rhy McMillan or Jessica Metcalfe

3. Reflections Group

This group involves researchers studying the partnership-development process itself.

Researchers: Alison Wylie, Eric Simons, Andrew Martindale, Mark Turin, Daisy Rosenblum, Jessica Metcalfe, Sylvia Berryman, Daniel Steel, Michael Marker, Aviva Finkelstein, Jason Woolman

Contact Person: Alison Wylie or Jessica Metcalfe