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Rhy McMillan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty of Science


Are the bones and artifacts we find in their original context?

I aim to help archaeologists, palaeoanthropologists, and palaeontologists better describe and explain the spatial, temporal, and biological relationships within and between assemblages of exhumed bones, teeth, and artifacts. As a multidisciplinary researcher, I approach this through the lenses of taphonomy and geochemistry by focusing on the sedimentary context of excavated objects, their preservation states, their geochemical characteristics, and the degree to which they have been physically and chemically altered post-mortem. My objective is to further develop the application of geochemistry for acquiring information not obtainable with traditional archaeometric analyses and osteometry, facilitating the interpretation of the source, identity, and movement of humans and their artifacts through space and time.