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Andrew Martindale

Associate Professor


Faculty of Arts


Co-PI for the Indigenous/Science Research Cluster

I am an anthropological archaeologist whose work focuses on Indigenous history of the northern Pacific coastal margin. I work most closely with Tsimshian, Musqueam, and Penelakut communities. The main axis of my research is the exploration of conjunction between archaeological-material and oral-Indigenous records, work that has found connections throughout the Holocene. I also work in legal, theoretical, spatial, geological, and geo-chemical realms. Some of my research includes spatial mapping and remote sensing, skills that I bring to a partnership project with the Penelakut to locate the missing graves of children from the Kuper Island Indian Residential School. 

I hope that the Research Cluster will refine what partnerships between Indigenous communities and research institutions can be, help forge or develop a new suite of partnerships, and advance meaningful research into Indigenous history.